What is a soda siphon?
A soda siphon, also known as seltzer bottle, is a device made for dispensing soda water/seltzer water through the addition of CO2. These vintage glass bottles were first developed at the end of the 1700’s after Joseph Priestley discovered the possibility of carbonating water. After a few improvements, the modern version of the soda siphons came in the 1800’s. Since then, soda siphons are used at home and at bars, and never lost their charm and uniqueness.
How can a soda siphon be used?
The soda siphon is used to make seltzer water for drinking, making cocktails, lemonades and for culinary purposes, such as making egg cream and shakes.
Is the siphon fully functioning?
Is there a difference in the functioning of the different models?
Are there differences between items of the same model?
How do I clean the siphon ?
Why are there such differences in prices?
Are the soda siphons child proof?
What are the operating costs of a soda siphon?
What kind of CO2 bulbs can I use with the soda siphons?
The siphons are constructed for regular 8g CO2 bulbs without threads. You can purchase CO2 bulbs directly from us or many other online stores. If you decide not to purchase your bulbs from us, please make sure to buy CO2 bulbs rather than N2O bulbs, which are used for whipped cream.
Where do I get spare parts for my Sparklets Soda Siphon?
We sell many useful spare parts in our online shop. Please click here to see the inventory and order any needed parts.
I own a Sparklets or Heimsyphon Soda Siphon – can I have it repaired?
We offer a complete restoration including a professional cleaning of Sparklets and Heimsyphon Soda Siphons. Please click here if you are interested in having your soda siphon repaired by us.

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