The Idea

We want that revive the classic soda culture. We believe that the preparation of water deserves more style and drinking water itself should be more appreciated true to the saying "You are what you drink". That is why we offer high quality and durable products - products with history.

Our promise

Each restored siphon is unique and that is how we treat our customers. The restored siphons have already lasted more than half a century, therefore, we take great care in their professional restoration. New products such as the Tokyo Soda Siphon are manufactured by partners to very high quality standards.

About us

We are enthusiasts for cocktail bars as well as high quality products. Since inception, our venture has grown slowly but steadily. Meanwhile, we have gained a firm place in the true-style production of soda water in cocktail bars and the preparation of carbonated water at home. We have also set ourselves the goal of offering more high-quality and durable products that are functional, designed with materials in mind, and therefore beautiful; products that are appreciated.



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