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  • Our Philosophy

    We want to revive classic soda culture. This we attain by specialising in the restoration of one of the most beautiful Siphons ever conceived: The Sparklets Soda Siphon in its various manifestations. We think that the preparation of water as a drink should be celebrated and that water itself should be appreciated more - you are what you drink. This is why all of our products are of the highest quality, durable and rich in history.

  • Our Promise

    Each one of our siphons is as unique as its new owner - and you will receive the service to match. We have the expectation for all of our products to last half a century, which is why we apply great care during our restoration process by hand. New products, like the Tokyo Soda Siphon are carefully chosen from partners we choose according to our high standards of quality. We want every customer to thoroughly enjoy our products and refrain from selling mass produced goods. When it comes to design, form will always follow function at the Manufaktur.

  • About Us

    We – two bon-vivants from Munich – founded the Siphon Manufaktur in 2011 during our studies. Since then, our modest enterprise has grown by two team members who support our restaurations and daily business with their compassion and experience. Further, we are committed to offering other high quality products that fulfill our philosophy united under the brand name langlebig, which in German means durable.