Soda Siphon Ersatzteile

  • bulb holder "Siphon Manufaktur":

    Kapselhalter für Soda Siphon Siphon Manufaktur:

    Bulb holder from our own design based the original from the 1920s and 1930s. This bulb holder is carved from a single block of aluminium and made to last.

    Fits nearly all soda siphons

    Thread diameter: 19,5 mm

  • Plastic Bulb Holder:

    Soda Siphon Bulb Holder:

    Fits most soda siphons, you can use this bulb holder for most other makes.

    Thread diameter: approx. 18,5 mm

  • 24 CO2 bulbs:

    24 CO2 Soda Kapseln:

    24 CO2 bulbs for use with all currently available soda siphons on the market.

  • Glass Tube and Rubber Gasket

    Glass Tube and Rubber Gasket for Soda Siphon:

    The glass tube is hand made by our partner glaziery and designed to resemble the original as closely as possible.
    Glass, as opposed to plastic repels germs.

    Length: 260 mm
    Outer diameter: 8 mm

  • Rubber Gasket:

    Rubber Gasket for Soda Siphon

    This seal is designed to fit the glass tubes we use in our seltzer bottles.

  • Pierce Pin Seal

    Pierce Pin Seal for Soda Siphon Siphon

    Seals off the the pierce pin while a CO2 bulb is in place. If your siphon leaks after removing the CO2 bulb, an internal seal is corroded and need replacement. Please click here for repairs.

Notice to customers in possession of a Siphon not purchased from us:
Besides the rubber gasket and pierce pin seal on sale here there are three further seals inside the siphon head that are most likely corroded as well. These gaskets are impossible to reach without special tools. Please click here to receive more information about the restoration.

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