JR Meisterstück Cup

Klaus St. Rainer owns and runs the internationally renowned ‘Goldende Bar’ in Munich, Germany. In 2008, he envisioned to design and develop his own version of a perfect set of bartender’s tools, inspired by the work, legacy and persona of legendary barkeeper Jerry Thomas. His creations and choice of materials distill his philosophy to creating the perfect cocktail into one unique set of products.

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The Perfect Julep Cup

JR Meisterstück Cup is the latest addition to Klaus’ set of tools. It is a drinking cup made of sterling silver with gold plating on the inside. Its shape, size and material make it Klaus’ cup of choice for a perfect Mint Julep and a formidable cup for any beverage. The gold plating preserves the exact taste of whatever drink is being enjoyed from it - gold does not react with liquid in any way. The design of the cup handsomely complements the simple, striking lines of the Meisterstück shaker.

For Klaus St. Rainer, manual work, love and family make the manufacturing process special, which demands a lot of handwork. It takes upwards of 2 days of handwork to complete one single JR Meisterstück Cup and create a perfect drinking cup built to last a lifetime and well beyond.

Handmade to Order

The JR Meisterstück Cup is a long-lasting product, made for extensive use. Unlike a glass that will be irreparably broken when dropped, a dented JR Meisterstück Cup can always be mended at the workshop by the creator himself. At the smith’s discretion, this is a complimentary service.

Every JR Meisterstück Cup is made to order and bears the creator’s hallmarks as well as the initials of its future owner:

  • • Crown - certificate of authenticity of the material and craft
  • • Moon - the symbol for silver
  • • 925 - Sterling Silver. 925 parts of 1000 chemical parts are silver, 75 parts are copper
  • • KL - signature of the silversmith as a master craftsman and a combination of his initials and a personal emblem
  • • JR - signature of the Josef Rainer Shakermanufaktur and emblem as well as initials of Klaus’ deceased father

Product Details

  • • Sterling Silver - 925/000 AG
  • • Gold plated inner surface
  • • Weight: approx. 210g
  • • Capacity: approx. 315ml
  • • Dimensions: 10.5 cm high, 7.7 cm across at the top, 5 cm across at the bottom
  • • Design: Klaus St. Rainer, 2014

The JR Meisterstück Cup features a flat bottom that beautifully showcases the pattern left behind by the goldsmith's hammer strokes.

How To Order

After placing your order we will contact you in person to determine every step of the process - from choosing the initials you would like to place on your shaker all the way to ensuring that the shaker will reach you safely, wherever you are. Shipping is fully insured and free world wide.

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Made For a Lifetime

Every Meisterstück is a unique product - handmade to order for its future owner. It is also a product made for a lifetime that is meant to be used. If you dent it, it can be returned to the smith at any time, just like valuable piece of jewellery.

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