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Please choose your spare part from the options below. More information regarding each part can be found further down.


The threads on the bottle neck and capsule holder need some care after a while.  The Ballistol H1 oil serves as corrosion protection and lubricates the threads on the bottle neck and capsule holder.  The oil is completely food safe.


Bulb holder with our own design based on the originals from the 1920s and 1930s. This bulb holder is carved from a single block of aluminium and made to last. Fits nearly all soda siphons.
Thread diameter: 19.5 mm.

Plastic bulb holder. Fits most available soda siphons,
Thread diameter: 18.5 mm

Glass tube. The glass tube is made by our partner glaziery especially for us. It is designed to resemble the original as closely as possible. Glass, as opposed to plastic, repels germs.
Length: 260 mm.
Outer diameter: 8 mm.


Tube seal. This seal is designed to fit the glass tubes we use in our seltzer bottles. In some cases the smaller part of the seal has to be cut to fit into the bottleneck (this has no effect on the sealing effect).  

For tubes with 8 mm diameter. Diameter top part 31 mm; diameter neck part 16 mm; length 15 mm.


Dichtet während des Befüllens mit der CO2 Kapsel den Siphon ab.  Passt für alle CO2 Kapseln.  Ist der Soda Siphon bei funktionierende Kapseldichtung trotzdem undicht, ist einer der internen Dichtungen defekt.  Wenden Sie sich zur Reparatur an uns.

Outer diameter 13 mm; length 12 mm.

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