After the years of exuberance and prosperity witnessed in the Roaring Twenties, the 1930s were marked by cultural and economical change. Our Sparklets New York Soda Siphon remained a prized status symbol and continued its success thanks to technological innovation and numerous appearances in Hollywood features.

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New York in the 1930s

The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building, two of New York’s most iconic landmarks have shaped its skyline since the early 1930s. In this era these monumental buildings were reminders of the glamour, economical prosperity and power the city experienced before Black Friday and the economic meltdown. Thanks to Roosevelt’s “New Deal” and New York mayor Fiorello LaGuardia the United States soon set course on a track that would see it regain its former position of economic dominance.

The New York branch of Sparklets Ltd. survived these times of economic turmoil thanks to the introduction of the D-Type Sparklets New York Soda Siphon. In the early 1930s it was popular in prohibition era speakeasy bars that served forbidden yet delicious cocktails with sparkling soda water. At the same time, the famous New York Egg Cream was invented; a recipe that combines milk, syrup and soda water into a delicious frothy cream. The D-Type Sparklets New York Soda Siphon became an economic success and was produced and sold in large numbers.

A hand restored original

Each one of these soda siphons is an original from the 1930s. It was manufactured to meet very high standards towards quality and durability.

All spare parts used during the restoration are either original or were custom made on site for this purpose. This way we ensure that the original state of the soda siphon is preserved to the highest possible degree.

Included in delivery

    The design of the 1930s D-Type Sparklets New York Soda Siphon is based on the 1920s C-Type, but with the addition of a back-stop valve that allows the bulb holder to be removed during use. With New York setting the trend, the Sparklets New York Siphon became wildly popular all over the United States – at the present day, we procure originals from coast to coast.


  • • New York 1930 Soda Siphon
  • • Head and casing/mesh of the bottle chrome-plated
  • • Capacity : 1 litre; weight : approx. 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
  • • Height: 35 cm (14 in); diameter: 11 cm (4 in)
  • • Bulb holder and 10 CO2 bulbs
  • • Wooden box
  • • Certificate stating date of restoration and last domicile.

550,00 EUR*

* including tax and shipping within Europe

Our promise

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  • ”So far I am very happy with the soda siphon. It is restored very professionally.”

  • ”The Siphons I have purchased so far all work perfectly. I use two of them on a daily basis at a bar.”

  • ”Wow, very quick service! I'm very happy with the siphon and I look forward to try out new recipes!”

  • ”Surprisingly quick delivery, even the packaging is high quality. The design is remarkable and you can tell it is one of a kind. My siphon is a real beauty. Thank you for the great service”

  • ”Thank you so so so so much! I like my soda siphon so much!”

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