Sparklets New York Soda Siphon 1920

Testimony to the heyday of New York in the 1920s, our Sparklets New York Soda Siphon witnessed the construction of the Empire State Building, the arrival of transatlantic cruise ships, nights turning day at the legendary Cotton Club and the great crash of Wall Street in 1929.

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New York in the 1920s

A metaphor for the Roaring Twenties of the United States, New York blossomed into one of the world’s most populous and prosperous cities in the 1920s. Lining the cities’ buzzing streets jazz culture, skyscrapers - such as the Empire State Building - and Wall Street finance skyrocketed side by side.

It’s the era of the legendary Great Gatsby with all its decadence and escapades that would eventually come to a sudden stop with most infamous crash in finance - known as Black Friday.

Every time a night was turned into a spectacular event you can rest assured - the characteristic fizz of a soda siphon was not far away. Sparklets, originally an English company from London branched out across the Atlantic in the early 1920s when it opened a production site on Manhattan. The facility was located at 305 East 46th Street, a building now used by the United Nations. Because of their remarkable age and the low number of seltzer bottles produced our Sparklets New York Soda Siphons is a rare testimony to this era.

Discovered as a status symbol, sales numbers for Sparklets soda siphons increased sharply in 1925 and 1926. Consequently, soda siphons became a regular sight in the up and coming film industry as witnessed in countless titles between 1930 and 1960.

A hand restored original

Each one of these soda siphons is an original from the 1920s. It was manufactured to meet very high demands towards quality and durability no longer prevalent in industrial production today.

All spare parts used during the restoration are either original or were custom made on site for this purpose. This way we ensure that the original state of the soda siphon is preserved to the highest possible degree.

A design icon restored

    This is a so-called “C-Type” Soda Siphon, which means the bulb holder stays in place during use. In the early 1900s, Sparklets had devised and patented a system to use CO2 bulbs instead of a stationary filling system, perfected in the 1920s C-Type Soda Siphon. The mouth-blown glass bottle was manufactured in Czechoslovakia between 1920 and 1930. All metallic parts were manufactured in the United States and the Siphon was assembled at the Sparklets factory on Manhattan.

    With New York setting the trend, the Sparklets New York Siphon became wildly popular all over the United States – at the present day, we procure originals from coast to coast.

    In the box:

  • • Soda Siphon (Made in the USA/Czechoslovakia, hand restored in Munich)
  • • Aluminum collar and siphon head
  • • Capacity : 1 Litre
  • • Weight : approximately 3500g
  • • 11 CO2 bulbs
  • • original bulb holder
  • • Wooden crate
  • • Hand written certificate stating year of production, date of restoration, serial number and the place we found the soda siphon before restoring it.

How to order

Doing the uniqueness of our soda siphons justice, we take a high resolution photograph of every seltzer bottle before we put it on sale on our website. On the order page, you will be able to choose the exact soda siphon you would like to hold in your hands just a few days later. Every restored Siphon currently we currently have at our workshop is listed with its own photo and serial number.

750,00 EUR*

* including tax and world wide shipping

Our promise

Each one of our siphons is as unique as its new owner - and you will receive the service to match. You will get a 3 year warranty and we will continue to provide you with repairs and spare parts at fair a price anytime thereafter. That is our promise and we will stand by it with our seal.

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