Sparklets London Soda Siphon 1930

In a time where the public craved amusement and longed for pomp and extravagance, London experienced a cultural revolution that would modernise it in a multitude of ways. Seltzer water had always been an essential ingredient of cocktails popular at the time, which made it easy for the Sparklets London Soda Siphon to persuade the young generation.

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London in the 1930s

In the 1930s London thrived in its resilience against the global economic crisis. Population numbers in the city boomed as electricity and automobiles replaced gas lamps and horse carriages. The Art Deco movement gained traction and popularity in painting, furniture- and industrial design as well as architecture.

In contrast to poverty and unemployment elsewhere in the country, Londoners danced to “Knees Up Mother Brown” performed by live bands in dance halls. Soda Siphons were an increasingly common sight in restaurants with dance floors and highly appreciated.

For Sparklets London, it was the time to present the D-Type London Soda Siphon which would succeed the previous C-Type. This new seltzer bottle was produced in large numbers, which speaks of its popularity at the time.

The golden era of film began when the first motion pictures were released in colour. Now Sparklets Soda Siphons were a regular guest in features like “The Three Stooges” or “The Marx Brothers”.

A hand restored original

Each of these Soda Siphons is an original from the 1930s. It was manufactured to meet high standards towards quality and durability.

All spare parts used during the restoration are either originals or were custom made for this purpose. This way we ensure that the original state of the soda siphon is preserved to the highest possible degree.

Included in delivery

    This is a 1930s D-Type Soda Siphon, a design based on the 1920s C-Type, but with several technological advances for the sophisticated English market: A back-stop valve that allows the bulb holder to be removed during use, a chrome plated top and collar and a durable coating on the wire mesh. The glass bottle was mouth blown in former Czechoslovakia between 1930 and 1940 and is covered in a corrosion resistant wire mesh. Specifically developed for the English market, this soda siphon rests on a conical glass base.

    Today, we find the Sparklets London Soda Siphons we restore mostly in the UK and other countries of the Commonwealth. This is owed to their popularity during colonial times where the upper class made use of the antibacterial effect of carbonisation to enjoy clean water and refreshing Gin Tonics in tropical climates.


  • • London 1930 Soda Siphon
  • • Head and bottle casing chrome-plated
  • • Capacity: 1 litre; weight: approx. 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
  • • Height: 35 cm (14 in); diameter: 11 cm (4 in)
  • • Bulb holder and 10 CO2 bulbs
  • • Wooden box
  • • Certificate with restoration date and last domicile

650,00 EUR*

* including tax and shipping within Europe

Our promise

Each one of our siphons is as unique as its new owner - and you will receive the service to match. We will continue to provide you with repairs and spare parts at fair a price anytime. That is our promise and we will stand by it with our seal.

  • ”"I get the greatest joy out of these siphons! The first one has passed the handling test with flying colors and added the Fizz to a Morning Glory Fizz”

  • ”Total recommendation! Nothing beats great service”

  • ”Received my siphon today and I am very pleased.”

  • ”Cheaper than buying bottled soda water in the long run! I can only recommend this.”

  • ”The Siphons I have purchased so far all work perfectly. I use two of them on a daily basis at the bar.”

  • ”Thank you very much for the quick delivery and friendly communication. Now I can totally enjoy using my soda siphon. I will definitely recommend you

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