London Soda Siphon 1920

In a time where the public craved amusement and longed for pomp and extravagance, London experienced a cultural revolution that would modernize it in a multitude of ways. Seltzer water had always been an essential ingredient of cocktails popular at the time, which made it easy for the Sparklets London Soda Siphon to persuade the young generation.

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London in the 1920s

Dust had settled from WWI and the Roaring Twenties began – it was the time when industrial production and women’s suffrage modernized the English society. The jazz age blossomed, young Londoners began to change their long accustomed ways and started spending their nights in clubs.

While the invention of vinyl disks revolutionized music and dance, whiskey-based cocktails soon became a favorite among the young Londoners. Carbonated drinks became more and more popular, prompting Sparklets London to launch the production of their C-Type Sparklets London Soda Siphon.

Soda culture quickly seduced all of the United Kingdom. Soda Siphons were omnipresent in cigar- & jazz clubs and dance halls where Gin & Tonic or Whiskey-Soda were served. Our Sparklets London Soda Siphon became the symbol of an era.

A hand restored original

Each one of these soda siphons is an original from the 1920s. It was manufactured to meet very high demands towards quality and durability no longer prevalent in industrial production today.

All spare parts used during the restoration are either original or were custom made on site for this purpose. This way we ensure that the original state of the soda siphon is preserved to the highest possible degree.

Inventor of the Soda Siphon

    This is a so-called “C-Type” Soda Siphon, which means the bulb holder stays in place during use. The design of the Sparklets London Soda Siphon shaped the Soda Siphon as we know and use it to this day. In the early 1900s, Sparklets had devised and patented a system to use CO2 bulbs instead of a stationary filling system, perfected in the 1920s C-Type Soda Siphon. The mouth-blown glass bottle was manufactured in Czechoslovakia between 1920 and 1930. All metallic parts were manufactured in the UK and the Siphon was assembled at the Sparklets factory in London.

    Today, we find the Sparklets London Soda Siphons we restore mostly in the UK and other countries of the Commonwealth. This is owed to their popularity during colonial times where the upper class made use of the antibacterial effect of carbonization to enjoy clean water and refreshing Gin Tonics in tropical climates.

    In the box:
  • • Soda Siphon (Made in UK/Czechoslovakia, hand restored in Munich)
  • • Aluminum collar and siphon head
  • • Capacity : 1 Litre
  • • Weight : approximately 3500g
  • • 11 CO2 bulbs
  • • original bulb holder
  • • Wooden crate
  • • Hand written certificate stating year of production, date of restoration, serial number and the place we found the soda siphon before restoring it.

How to order

750,00 EUR*

* including tax and worldwide shipping

Our promise

Each one of our siphons is as unique as its new owner - and you will receive the service to match. You will get a 2 year warranty and we will continue to provide you with repairs and spare parts at fair a price anytime thereafter. That is our promise and we will stand by it with our seal.

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