Heimsiphon Berlin Soda Siphon 1920

Berlin experienced perhaps its most glamourous and prosperous times in the 1920s. As one of Europe’s cultural epicenters Berlin thrived as scientists and artists revolutionized modern thought and art. The Heimsyphon Berlin became a favorite of Berlin's society thanks to unprecedented build quality and materials.

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Berlin in the 1920s

As the shadows of the war receded in the 1920s Berlin soon turned into one of the world’s foremost cultural, economic and scientific metropoles. Scientists like Einstein, Heisenberg and Schrödinger revolutionized modern physical thought.

Charles Lindbergh was the first human to cross the Atlantic non-stop while Dadaism and Art-Déco started shaping the world of art. At a time when the The Great Gatsby and James Joyce’s Ulysses were written, Berlin saw the publication of works by great minds like Hermann Hesse, Erich Maria Remarque and Franz Kafka.

Stars like Charlie Chaplin spent nights at the prestigious Hotel Adlon where a young Marlene Dietrich happened to be discovered and would soon become the first successful german Hollywood actress. Swing music and the introduction of voice to motion picture thoroughly changed the city’s nightlife. It was a time of surplus, excesses and limitless parties.

Among with Champagne and spirits, Heimsyphon Soda Siphons - synonymous with quality and luxury - were a regular sight at any exclusive party. The most popular cocktails of the era, the Champagne Punch and the Gin Rickey, both use seltzer water as an essential ingredient. Today these rare seltzer bottles are reminiscent of the Golden Twenties in Berlin and a sought after collector’s item.

A hand restored original

Each one of our Soda Siphons is an original from the 1920s / 1930s. It was manufactured to meet very high demands towards quality and durability no longer prevalent in industrial production today.

All spare parts used during the restoration are either original or were custom made on site for this purpose. This way we ensure that the original state of the soda siphon is preserved to the highest possible degree.

A favorite is discovered

    In the year 1920, Karl Hinz obtained the German production rights for Sparkles Soda Siphons, which were in high demand at the time internationally. In the following year he presented a version designed for the German market under the name ‘Heimsyphon Berlin’ which became a favorite of Berlin's society thanks to unprecedented build quality and materials.

    The Heimsyphon Berlin Soda Siphon is a “C-Type” soda siphon. Characteristic for C-Type seltzer bottles, the bulb holder stays in place during use. The mouth-blown glass bottle was manufactured in Czechoslovakia between 1920 and 1930. All metallic parts were manufactured in Germany and the Siphon was assembled at the Heimsyphon facility in Berlin.

    Only few Heimsyphon soda siphons of this era survived the war hidden in attics and cellars – and only a select number of those are intact enough to meet our high standards.

    In the box:

  • • Soda Siphon (Made in Germany/Czechoslovakia, hand restored in Munich)
  • • Aluminum collar and siphon head
  • • Capacity : 1 Litre
  • • Weight : approximately 3500g
  • • 11 CO2 bulbs
  • • original bulb holder
  • • Wooden crate
  • • Hand written certificate stating year of production, date of restoration, serial number and the place we found the soda siphon before restoring it.

650,00 EUR*

* including tax and world wide shipping

Our promise

Each one of our siphons is as unique as its new owner - and you will receive the service to match. You will get a 2 year warranty and we will continue to provide you with repairs and spare parts at fair a price anytime thereafter. That is our promise and we will stand by it with our seal.

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