Berlin Soda Siphon Original 1920


Berlin experienced perhaps its most glamourous and prosperous times in the 1920s. As one of Europe’s cultural epicenters Berlin thrived as scientists and artists revolutionised modern thought and art. The Heimsyphon Berlin became a favorite of Berlin's society thanks to at the time unprecedented quality and materials.


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Berlin in the 1920s

In the mid-1920s, the shadows of the war faded and Berlin rapidly developed into one of the most important cultural, economic and scientific metropolises in the world. Scientists like Einstein, Heisenberg and Schrödinger revolutionized the way of thinking in modern physics.

Charles Lindbergh became the first person to cross the Atlantic non-stop in solo flight, while in art Dadaism and Art Deco were emerging. At the same time The Great Gatsby and James Joyce's Ulysses were being written works by Herrmann Hesse, Erich Maria Remarque and the then recently deceased Franz Kafka were being published in Germany.

Stars like Charlie Chaplin stayed at the prestigious Hotel Adlon, where Marlene Dietrich was also discovered and subsequently became the first great German Hollywood actress. Swing music and the introduction of sound films completely changed nightlife. It was a time of plenty, excess and unbridled partys.

Besides champagne and spirits, soda siphons of the Sparklets brand could not be missing. Manufactured and sold in Germany under the name Heimsyphon, they stand for quality and luxury at the highest level. Today, the preserved soda siphons of the Heimsyphon brand from that time are rare collector's items reminiscent of the "Golden Twenties" in Berlin.


A Hand-restored Original

Every single soda siphon we restore is an original from the 1920s.  These were made to very high standards of durability and workmanship at the time.

All spare parts we use are either original or have been manufactured by us specifically for this purpose.  In this way, we ensure that the original condition is preserved as far as possible.


Included in Delivery

The soda siphon is the so-called C-type - characteristic of the 1920s models, the bulb holder must remain on the soda siphon during operation.  The mouth-blown glass bottle with wire mesh was manufactured in Czechoslovakia between 1920 and 1930.

Only a few home siphons of this era survived the war in basements and attics - and only a handful are intact enough to be restored.

  • Heimsyphon 1920
  • Head and bottle mesh newly chrome-plated
  • Capacity: 1 litre; weight: approx. 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs)
  • Height: 35 cm (14 in); diameter: 11 cm (4 in)
  • Capsule holder and CO2 capsules
  • Wooden box
  • Restoration certificate

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