The models of a series differ only in detail. 80-90 years of history have naturally left small traces on the soda siphons. Therefore, each siphon has its individual touch and patina.

Yes, the Sparklets London 1930 and Sparklets New York 1930 soda siphons have a non-return valve so that the CO2 capsule can be removed during operation. The approximately 10 years older model of the Heimsyphon Berlin, on the other hand, does not yet have a non-return valve, The capsule holder is left on the soda siphon during operation.

Yes. Despite its age, the siphon is fully usable in everyday life - even under gastronomic conditions. It does not need to be handled with kid gloves at all.

The price difference reflects rarity and age of the siphons. Most often we come across siphons from New York in our search for soda siphons, rather rarely a model from London and the siphons from Berlin are particularly rare, Certainly also because these are on average again about 10 years older.

The filled soda siphon is under pressure. This does not pose any danger if handled carefully. Nevertheless, the device should be kept away from children.

If you order the soda capsules from us, you pay about 40 cents per filling. Ordered in larger quantities, the cost quickly drops to less than 30 cents per filling. The technology used is purely mechanical and basically very simple. Therefore, even after several years in use, there is little or no cost on maintenance and repairs.

The soda siphon is designed for standard 8g CO2 carbon dioxide natural gas capsules without thread.  You can order these directly from us or in many other Internet stores. Please do not use the capsules of the company iSi - these do not fit.  If you do not buy the capsules from us, please make sure to buy CO2 capsules and not N2 nitrogen capsules, as they are used for example to foam cream.

Siphon Manufacture carries a range of useful spare parts. Please click here to view the list and order the part you need.

Siphon Manufacture offers complete restoration including professional cleaning of Sparklets London, Sparklets New York and Heimsyphon Berlin soda siphons.  Please click here to have us repair your siphon.

We will answer all your questions, as well as we will be glad to receive your suggestions.  We try to answer all inquiries quickly.  Since we do not run Siphon Manufaktur full-time, our response may take some time now and then.  If you are not satisfied with our response, we will be happy to contact you by phone..

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